Frequently Asked Questions

At Pete’s Remodeling and Repair, LLC. we strive to be a resource for our local community. We hire top professionals that are trained and certified in the latest home remodeling techniques. Serving your home or business is a privilege and we don’t take that for granted. We consider it a honor to be your local source for all your home remodeling needs in Collinsville, IL and surrounding communities.

Below are a handful of our most frequent FAQ’s. If you are interested in a kitchen remodel or a bathroom renovation give us a call today to schedule a FREE consultation. We can be reached directly at (618) 606-7853. If you would like to submit a question to be added to our FAQ page, please fill out the form below and we will do our best to answer your question in a timely manner.

Q: Can I live in my house while it is being remodeled?

A: For most projects, you can live in your home while it is being remodeled. Our carpenters take care to section off the area where they are working to minimize disturbance through the rest of your house. Before the home renovation project begins you will have a full understanding of the level of disturbance.

Q: Do I have to worry about getting permits for the home project?

A: Pete’s Remodeling and Repair, LLC will file all of the construction permits needed to complete the home renovation project.

Q: Is working with a professional home remodeler worth the money?

A: If you have a home renovation project in mind, now you must decide: will you hire a remodeler or do the job yourself? The chance to save money is the biggest reason homeowners consider DIY remodeling. However, this could end up being the wrong decision if you can’t answer “yes” to all of the following questions:

  • Do you have the time?
  • Can you stay motivated to see the project through?
  • Do you have the skills, tools, and experience?
  • Are you certified to complete the necessary plumbing, electrical, and HVAC work?
  • Are you an EPA Lead-Free Certified Contractor?
  • Are you able to obtain the necessary and correct permits for this project?
  • Do you have architectural plans to present to the township?
  • Do you have the skillset to tackle any unforeseen problems?

In the end, you can save time, avoid headaches, prevent costly mistakes, and ensure a professional job well done when you leave your home remodeling project to the experts.

Q: How do I know if Pete’s Remodeling and Repair, LLC. is the right company for me?

A: We specialize in large projects, including bathrooms, kitchens, basements, outdoor spaces, home additions, and whole-house renovations. If you have a major change in mind to modernize your home and make it more functional, we are the design/build team for you!

Our clients can be as involved as they like throughout the design process—whether that’s as much as possible or letting Pete’s Home Remodeling and Repair, LLC take the wheel. Our biggest concern is meeting our clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

Q: Why should I trust your company?

A: Pete’s Remodeling and Repair, LLC works very hard to earn and maintain our clients trust. We have been serving clients and investors for more than 15 years without any unresolved issues or serious disputes. We also have never had a claim dispute filed with the BBB. We take great pride in our companies’ reputation of dealing with clients with the foremost in integrity. Customer satisfaction is part of our business model and we look forward to working with you on a kitchen remodel, bathroom renovation or any other type of home remodeling project.

Q: What happens when we find unexpected financial surprises discovered during remodeling?

A: Unfortunately, there is no assurances that we can provide our clients that when we uncover unwanted conditions that there will not be conditions that require unseen repairs or updating. If we included the cost of all the anticipated repairs that could go wrong, our remodeling prices would reflect over charging our clients if these conditions did not materialize. We will work with you during every phase of the home renovation and will notify you if we uncover any issues that would result in a price increase or decrease.

Q: Who is responsible to pay if something is damaged in my home during remodeling?

A: Things happen that are not intentional or planned for. We remain accountable for our work and the unexpected consequences of our work causing residual damages to your home. In the unlikely event that the damage is a significant loss, we are fully insured and will stand behind work.

Q: Will I be without power/water/gas during the remodel?

A: Depending on the scope of your home remodeling project, there will likely be some brief interruption to utilities. During the demolition phase, and when we bring in the rough trades (electrical, plumbing, HVAC), electrical, water and gas may need to be shut off anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. If we are connecting new gas pipes to your existing pipes, we will need to unhook your gas appliances and test the whole system for leaks. This could take a whole day. Moving an electrical panel or upgrading an electrical panel will likely also take a whole day. In any case, we will give you advance warning so that you can plan accordingly. We would like this home remodel to be as minimally evasive as possible.

Q: How do I make my shower “age friendly”?

A: Aging in place design is becoming a critical element these days. For showers, two important aspects of design to consider are grab bars and curbless entry. Grab bars are an obvious, easy addition as long as during design we make them work aesthetically. Curbless showers take significantly more planning, as we need to make sure the area of floor in the shower is lower than the rest of the framing. This means designing the framing to be recessed in that area.

Q: What type of flooring should I choose for my kitchen remodel?

A: There are many options for flooring, when designing a kitchen. If the kitchen design is an open concept, it is usually best to keep the same type of flooring all through the space. Hardwood floors, engineered hardwood floors, laminate, tile, linoleum or cork are some of the materials that can work well in a planned kitchen remodel. There are pros and cons to every material when it comes to price, aethetics, upkeep, durability and physical impact. Consulting a professional will help you choose flooring options that are just right for you.